Made from sugarcane, bagasse containers are an affordable, eco-friendly and tree-free renewable resource. The manufacturing process requires very little energy, and the sugarcane is left-over material from juice extraction, so there is no waste. The biggest advantage for using bagasse is that it’s 100% biodegradable within 90 days - polystyrene foam never degrades.

Bagasse is ideal for takeaways, food suppliers and restaurants, as it is an inexpensive alternative to polystyrene foam and cardboard that mean less unrecyclable and imperishable waste for both business owners and consumers to dispose of. Hot food will remain fresher for longer as bagasse is breathable and so does not sweat as alternative containers do, and it is made from an all-natural material, so it does not contain any of the hazardous carcinogens and neurotoxins found in polystyrene foam. Bagasse is also more insulating than standard cardboard food boxes and can reliably hold liquid for longer than paper cup or bowl alternatives before disintegrating.

Product Features

Tree Free Renewable Source



Leak Proof

Fully Microwaveable

Food Safety

Refrigerator and Freezer Safe

Oven Safe

100˚C Heat Resistant

120˚C Cooking Oil Resistant



Dips, Cups & Bowls

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